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Cancer Talk with Dignite – Episode 2 : Interview with Dr. Selvi Radhakrishnan (Surgeon & Author)

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Our guest Dr Selvi Radhakrishnan is a renowned Oncosurgeon at Chennai Breast Center and also an author of an acclaimed book – All About Breast Cancer. She emphasizes on the importance of holistic treatment during cancer treatment and also shares some useful tips for cancer patient and caregiver.

Cancer Talk with Dignite is a series of interviews with renowned healthcare practitioners, authors, cancer survivors and activists. In interview we talk about various challenges that cancer patients face and ways and means through which they can overcome those challenges. The purpose of the interviews is to provide content that inspires, motivates and educates the patients with the right information and stories.

00:56 – Inspiration behind the book “All About Breast Cancer”

05:13 – Key learnings from the book “All About Breast Cancer”

10:35 – Patient case that truly inspired you

13:23 – Post treatment care for breast cancer patients (Alternate therapies, Diet, Lymphedema management, Activities for cancer patients, Sexual Health

19:01 – Key concerns among young women diagnosed with breast cancer

22:37 – Most prevalent side effects during treatment and role of caregivers

26:40 – Advice to newly diagnosed cancer patients and their caregivers

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