Our guest Dr Srimathy Kesan is the CEO of Space Kidz and one of the ambassadors for “India Turns Pink” an initiative working towards raising awareness around breast cancer. In this video she talks about the inspiration behind the breast cancer awareness video, initiatives by India Turns Pink and also how others can contribute.  The awareness video is included at the end of this video.

Cancer Talk with Dignite is a series of interviews with renowned healthcare practitioners, authors, cancer survivors and activists. In interview we talk about various challenges that cancer patients face and ways and means through which they can overcome those challenges. The purpose of the interviews is to provide content that inspires, motivates and educates the patients with the right information and stories.

1:55 – What inspired you to make the breast cancer awareness video “Sun’n Re Sakhi”?

4:40 – Awareness initiatives taken by India Turns Pink

9:20 – Roles ans responsibilities of ambassadors/volunteers and how can other join in and contribute?

10:45 – Message to cancer patients and their families

13:25 – Sun’n Re Sakhi – Breast cancer awareness video

Reference Links Space Kidz – http://www.spacekidzindia.com/

India Turns Pink – http://indiaturnspink.org/

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Raghuveer Surupa

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