Tips to manage day to day life during cancer treatment

What can I gift a cancer patient returning from treatment?

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Cancer treatment can be challenging for the patient emotionally, physically and mentally. Post treatment it would take few weeks for the person to regain strength and get back to their day to day lives.

I have been asked this question several times by my friends and colleagues who wanted to get something for their loved ones who are undergoing cancer treatment.

You can consider the following

  1. Personal care products – Since the person might not be able to use all the regular personal care products due to chemicals/ other products that might be harmful for them. You can consider organic solutions that are much suited.
  2. Diet: Since the person might be looking for healthier options to eat, consider a Godrej Nature basket coupons or something in those lines
  3. Books/Movies РThere are some great books specifically written around recovery post cancer treatment After Cancer Treatment
  4. Aromatherapy : There are plenty of essential oil gift sets that are available in the market. They are very useful for relaxing and relieving anxiety.
  5. I have recently started an initiative named Dignite, where we provide cancer care kits that can be given to patients. The kit has a set of products that are customized for cancer patients. These products are useful for the patients during and after their treatment. You can find more information here –¬†Dignite
Raghuveer Surupa

Founder, | Raghuveer is an alumnus of IIM Ranchi, who has worked in pharmaceutical industry for over 5 years across various domains. He is passionate about healthcare and founded Dignite with the sole purpose of improving the day to day lives of cancer patients.