Tips to manage day to day life during cancer treatment

Is there any hope of treatment if cancer would be at the last stage?

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By last stage, I assuming that you mean stage 4 cancer.

In the past few decades survival rates have significantly improved in cancer treatments.

Depending on the cancer type, location, age of the patient, etc you get a good understanding from your doctor about the chances of survival.

The only point here is that the treatment would likely continue till the time patient responds to treatment.

There are many examples of patients who lived for several years while being treated for last stage cancer.

Given below is a graph that shows the 5 year survival rate of different types of cancer and we see that there is improvement in the right direction for all cancer types

Image source: Our World In Data

Data suggests that the tumors have gotten smaller and the early detection has improved over the past few decades.

However, after adjusting for the early detection and size of the tumor there is still improvement in the overall 5 year survival.

I short, Yes, there is hope for someone with last stage cancer.

Raghuveer Surupa

Founder, | Raghuveer is an alumnus of IIM Ranchi, who has worked in pharmaceutical industry for over 5 years across various domains. He is passionate about healthcare and founded Dignite with the sole purpose of improving the day to day lives of cancer patients.