Cancer Talk with Dignite Video Series

Cancer Talk With Dignite Episode 4: Interview with Neerja Malik

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Our Guest Neerja Malik is a two time cancer conqueror, author of the book “I Inspire” which is based on her life’s journey and the founder of Appollo cancer support group, Chennai. She also the ambassador for ‘India Turns Pink’, ‘Pinkathon’ and many such organizations.

Cancer Talk with Dignite is a series of interviews with renowned healthcare practitioners, authors, cancer survivors and activists. In interview we talk about various challenges that cancer patients face and ways and means through which they can overcome those challenges. The purpose of the interviews is to provide content that inspires, motivates and educates the patients with the right information and stories.

01:03 – What inspired you to write the book “I Inspire”

04:42 – How was Apollo Cancer Support Group founded

09:32 – Could you share one inspiring patient story with us?

16:48 – Tips for cancer patients & acceptance of diagnosis

25:24 – Neerja explains the ‘Why me syndrome’ and how patients can cope

29:13 – 18 thoughts to remember to get through difficult times

34:05 – Importance of communication honest between the caretaker and patient

36:39 – Tips to deal with side effects of treatment

41:30 – Advice for caretakers to avoid burnout

45:00 – Advice to patients who have completed treatment

Raghuveer Surupa

Founder, | Raghuveer is an alumnus of IIM Ranchi, who has worked in pharmaceutical industry for over 5 years across various domains. He is passionate about healthcare and founded Dignite with the sole purpose of improving the day to day lives of cancer patients.