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Types of Surgery in Cancer Treatment

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Surgery is an integral part of cancer treatment.

There are many types of surgeries in cancer treatment. Your treating oncologist might recommend a surgery based on your specific case.

Given below is a list of the types of surgeries and why they are performed.

  1. Curative Surgery: Used in instances where the tumor is localized and is often considered primary treatment
  2. Preventative Surgery: Used to remove tissue that does not contain cancerous cells but have the potential to develop into malignant tumor.
  3. Diagnostic Surgery: Surgery used to remove a part of the tumor to check the type and stage of cancer
  4. Debulking Surgery: In instances where the tumor is in close proximity with organs and cannot be removed completely, debulking surgery is done to remove all the cancerous cells that can be removed. It is followed by chemotherapy or radiation.
  5. Palliative Surgery: It is used during advanced stages, It doesn’t aim to cure cancer but to relieve discomfort or other problems due to cancer or treatment
  6. Supportive Surgery: As the name suggest it helps to increase efficiency during treatment example: catheter insertion during chemotherapy
  7. Restorative Surgery: It is follow up after curative surgery to restore the persons appearance or function of body part.
Raghuveer Surupa

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